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Williams Diamond Center carries jewelry from the following designers, including many others. Please contact us for a full list of vendors.


Parade is a 3rd generation of international jewelers. They have created beautiful designs using leafs and very quality gemstones. Parade builds their company on the understanding of importance of exceptional quality and designing what they love. 

Gariel & Co. have one of the finest bridal rings in the world. Their craftsmen individually handcraft each ring, paying close attention to detail and styling. They have a variety of styles and the flexibility to alter the rings to make them unique. 

Dia Dori is an exceptional company. They make well detailed and stylish rings. There are tons of different styles and they are modifiable, so you can make the ring your own. 

Frederick Goldman started this company in 1948, specializing in wedding rings. With his business quickly taking off, Frederick Goldman, Inc is at the forefront of global innovation. They use unique finishes, precious stones, and contemporary metals to make their rings the best possible. 

Ze Bridal is a collection from I.B. Goodman. They are well known for their legendary men's rings and accessories and innovative bridal designs. They offer a diverse range of products and price points, to meet your needs. 

W.R. Cobb has more than 5,000 unique bridal design options. They have been one of America's leading jewelry manufacturers. They have a wide range of products and make sure each product is special and at the top of the line. 

Luminar is family owned and operated out of California. Their passion is to create stunning engagement rings. They use the finest diamonds and precious metals they can. Luminar does amazing channel set rings, plus many other styles. 

Colore has stunning sterling silver and gemstone pieces. They strive to for excellence. Explore the nature of color, stone, design and the myriad ways they reflect in you. 

Frederic Duclos is an award inning French jewelry designer. His creations are crafted with utmost attention to detail. 


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