1823 Adams Street
Mankato, MN 56001


Parade uses traditional hand crafting techniques and state of the art technology to create the most exceptional styles.  Parade rings are made of the finest materials resulting in phenomenal designs that last a lifetime.



R2894, 60-11563
Parade Reverie fashion ring
HE2816A-FD, 330-10433
R3295-1, 60-11567
Parade Reverie Pendant
P3147A-FD, 280-10772
Parade Lyria Bridal Engagement Ring
R0925/R1, 60-11329
Parade Hera Engagement Ring
R2901/R1, 60-11330
R2951/R1, 60-11331
Parade Lyria Bridal Engagement Ring
R3118B/R1, 60-11334